Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Practical Tuna Wrap Sandwich

   There are some very valid reasons why this recipe is one of my favorites. First, it is very easy to make. Also, its ingredients are always available at home (tuna cans and sweet corn cans and, most often than not, cucumbers and lettuce). And finally, it is a better alternative to junk food and deli when your fridge is quasi empty. If you don’t happen to find the pita bread (that of Fajitas) easily at the grocery store near your house, you can use a bun if you like or just cut down on the Carbs and make it a salad. If you choose the salad option, you should note a change in the seasoning as well—1/2 cup of lemon juice and 2 tbsp of Mayonnaise, yes a low-cal version!

For 3 wraps you will need, 


3 pita bread (tortilla flour bread)
300g of tuna in water
2 cucumbers
100g of sweet corn
6 leaves of leaf lettuce (laitue frisée in French)
¼ cup of fresh Thyme leaves to sprinkle over the ingredients before wrapping
OR 1 tsp of dried thyme to add to the seasoning


The juice of ½ a Lemon
½ cup of Mayonnaise
½ tsp of Pepper
½ tsp of Salt


1- Wash all the vegetables. Slice the lettuce thinly. Cut the cucumbers into small cubes.
Wash the sweet corn and drain them.

2- Mix the lemon juice along with the mayonnaise, the dried thyme (if you don’t have fresh leaves), the pepper and the salt. Spread the seasoning all over the pita bread while keeping the edges clean.

3- Lay the frilly lettuce, then the cucumbers, the tuna, and the sweet corn in form of a line, on top of one another, and towards one side of the pita bread.

Sprinkle the fresh thyme leaves on top if you have some.

Roll the bread like a wrap, cut in half and serve.


Follow the steps on YouTube!

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