Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Banana and Nutella Brioche Maki Rolls

   This recipe has really been an invention that I got right. One morning, I was messing with some brioche slices and banana cream leftovers from last night Churros snack, and a spark of imagination struck me. I tried to roll the brioche and add Nutella; besides the fact that what I had set my mind on worked, the brioche bites were sooo yuuum, delicious! What I love most about this recipe is that it’s actually tailored in portion sizes of mouth bites. You can have more control on your calories intake—passing on the fact that you would want to eat them all! It's a fun, fast, and easy recipe to make, yalla! Try it out!


For about 10 pieces you will need,

5 Slices of Brioche (my choice is Harry’s)
5 tbsp of somehow melted Nutella
1 ½ cup of Rice krispies and/or Coco Pops according to your preferences
Note: Basically each slice makes two rolls and each roll needs approximately ½ tbsp of Nutella, so if you want to do more than 10 pieces add some more of both
Banana cream:
Nestle banana flavor cream
2 tbsp of cream
1 tbsp of milk
1 banana for decoration

Cookware and cutlery:
A sharp knife
A sandwich spreader for the Nutella
A pastry piping bag (optional)

First, cut the extremities of the brioche to make a perfect square. Cut the square in half and use each part to make one piece of dessert.
Roll the rectangle of brioche and press hard on the closing to make the extremity stick, as you can watch on the video (don’t forget t hit the like button!).
Spread the Nutella on the outer side of the roll and roll it in the cornflakes.
Set the brioche rolls on the serving plate one after one after you’re done with the previous step.
Mix the banana cream with the milk and the cream and fill it up inside the brioche rolls with the help of a spoon or pastry piping bag.
 Slice the banana and squeeze some lemon juice so the fruit does not darken. Finally, top the roll with a banana slice.
Now it’s ready to serve, enjoy!

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