Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Open Letter

My Dear Reader,

I want to thank you first for the attention you gave me throughout the years and the last two most particularly.
Without you, I would not be as enriched as a person as I am today. I wouldn't know so much about fashion, food, blogging, events, PR, writing, social etiquette and brand marketing, to name a small sample of everything you have taught me, including humility and pride when appropriate. I wouldn’t have been exposed to interesting (in all sort of ways) people and the exclusive communities in which I belong to today. Thanks to you, I have learned a lot about myself. You’ve watched me graduating from school, then, starting college… and now, soon finishing it. I wish we continue this trip together, and I wish you can still learn from me and I can learn from you.
I will leave you with a note that explains better the concept of Pretty Capricieuse and a few hints about what’s coming now and what’s coming next.

What’s “Pretty Capricieuse”?

   For  those of you who didn’t know, the “pretty” of Pretty Capricieuse actually stands for “very” or “pretty much”. So the focus of the blog goes down to Capricieuse. “Capricieuse” is a French word that means whimsical and spontaneous. By translation, Capricieuse actually means capricious, temperamental or fickle. That’s somehow true about me in general; however these words have a negative connotation that doesn’t embrace offbeat individuality—so I ditched these words.
    I didn’t mind using this French word because I do actually speak French very fluently besides the fact that it is my first living language. Also, in Lebanon, we don’t face an issue of mixing languages because that’s how we actually speak in our society. Our jargon is a mix of Arabic, French, and English—the majority of the Lebanese know how to speak all 3 languages or at least understand them really well. This summer, when I went to Turkey, the French people would catch a few French words while eavesdropping on our conversations but were actually pretty confused how some words were nothing like French.
    I named my blog when I was 16, almost 4 years ago now, but I am not sure if I would have called it the same way today. However, I choose to stick with it because it is part of my personality, something I really can’t hide. To me, Pretty Capricieuse is an independent, young, playful and fanciful woman who goes for what she wants with no hesitation and no regrets and knows how to take care of her own self. She is a bit crazy at times, good crazy nonetheless, she is fun to be around and random. That’s how you can spot me in my comfort zone. Oh and like every other girl, she has this keen addiction for shoes and clothes; she has a passion for cooking too.

What’s new today?

   Yes, I actually have an awesome announcement for you!
   I officially introduce to you today Pretty Capricieuse, the personage of my blog, coming in a witty comic strip every month! Miss Capricieuse will speak the spirit of the blog and will develop a character for herself throughout the monthly stories you can find on the top of the blog.
   Here, Miss Capricieuse is still tanned from her vacations in Kemer, (that post I didn’t finish up, but I will, I will...). She does not look like me a 100% but hopefully there’s something of it!
   Concerning my social media, you can follow me on twitter for very spontaneous thoughts or blog-related news. And naturally, Instagram for polished pictures—let’s keep those other “moment” pictures for Snapchat! (@ak_elsa for Twitter and Instagram)
   I encourage you to follow me on Snapchat as well, for up to date stories and live my pretty Capricieuse moments with me. Much goes on Snapchat, I post everything related to me, which will be related to my blog. I have been teasing my friends a lot with food and then, get super h-angry (hungry + angry) messages from them. There are fashion snaps too—shopping crushes or daily outfits. You can also possibly catch there a glimpse of my crazy moments… like unleashing my dance moves to the beats of a song or just like something very random. (Prettycap for Snapchat Username)
   I have actually thought a lot about what I want my blog to become and who is this person behind the blog. The good news is that I am not deceived and I wasn’t mistaken about my first hunch or presentiment 4 years ago, when I launched the blog. Progress is on its way slooowly (because of the other billion things I do—yes, if you didn’t already know, I have this trouble of engaging in a billions of stuff and activities and committing too—and AUB particularly). I hope that you like this first comic strip and look forward, as I am, for the next one to come out pretty soon actually!

Stay Tuned!

Much Love from your Pretty Capricieuse,