Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sundaze outfit

You’ve got to live up to your mom’s expectations on Sundays. I think she has the veto right to decide which outfit you’re going to wear for lunch. I mean I’m not happy when she tells me that she doesn’t like my outfit and then I have to change it, (decision made by a slight hangover mind of Saturday night). But, Sunday is quality time with my family and you have to agree with everything either parent or sibling has to say. Done.
Fortunately, she didn’t say anything when I wore this beautiful checked black and white skirt and see through black chemise from GS stores—yeah, who said puffed skirts are for little girls?! And to complete the outfit, I added a vibrant colorful jacket and clutch to give this otherwise lazy morning a pinch of fun!
If you don’t usually play with colors and wear, for most of the times, monochrome colored outfits, I advise you to try adding a touch of vibrant color in just one element or accessory to pep up your style!

Blouse and skirt from GS stores, Boots from Chinese laundry (all available at GS stores); miumiu jacket, and Saint Laurent Paris clutch.

Every year,when winter comes closer, one rose or two blooms in my garden. As a kid, my mom would let me take it, but now I think that it is just too beautiful to take it away.

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Aline C. said...

hahaha I am in the same boat with my mom! Although I vito her outfits sometimes too :P
Ps. Gorgeous rose Elssss