Monday, January 12, 2015

My First Week in NYC

   Yes it's true, you haven't heard much from me after that I've set foot in New York City, (NYC for short). The few days were a "grand n'importe quoi". My luggage arrived at the hotel 4 full days after the last time I had seen them in Beirut airport at check-in. Thanks God my sister had a few sweaters and stuff in her carry-on. I was wearing that same legging for 3 days, I think I swore I'll never wear it again. I expected to receive my luggage on that last day, but I didn't. So we went shopping that night to  buy something fresh to wear for next day's classes at New York University, (NYU). Successfully registering my NYU courses was not trouble-free either, I was so close to give it all up when so much was already going on. Two sisters who could not agree much on everything were just thrown away with no luggage in a city where we did not know much about. 

Fortunately, our hotel was centered and close to everything. We spent the first few days taking cabs and walking. No subway for the moment, no need for more isssues and getting lost in the city when we were lost within ourselves. 
By Wednesday, I felt that everything was getting better. That night we hung out with Lebanese friends from AUB and it was fun to have a little bit of home in this city. I also took the New York subway for the first time at night. It felt so easy because I was just following the lead. It wasn't until yesterday that my sister and I realized how confusing the subways are--when we stayed at it while on a trip to Brooklyn. On Saturday, we visited the Modern Museum of Art, (MoMA), and shopped on fifth avenue. 
With Paris attack and other shakiness in Lebanon, I must say that I am glad this week is over and I'm looking forward to this one with more enthusiasm yet with lower expectations! 

My first purchase of the trip at Charles de Gaulle airport.
Those leggings...

I love french fries so much that my mom calls me "Miss frites"! Good excuse to buy the socks! 

Snowy Botanic Garden of Brooklyn


Aline C. said...

You snapchats are killing me! hehe have fun you two :D

Anonymous said...

Good luck Elsa!! Enjoy your stay :D

Paul Saghbini said...

Hey there, as always, I enjoy your blog.. I have to admit i'm not the most faithful follower, but i'm very interested in what you have to say.. I also can't say that I don't slightly envy you for your NYU experience.. well, more than slightly shall we say :P.. I wish you the best of luck :D.. The pictures are very expressive.. and there's always good excuse to buy fries socks ;) ..
I want to hear from you soon!.. My best wishes!!