Sunday, February 22, 2015

Legends by Bilal Barrage Haute Couture SS 2015

   By the time I showered and dressed up at the hotel, (I was betting to get my hair done and makeup on backstage). I did not have a French line Sim card so my friend Rana and I took a random cab on our way to Rue Saint-Honoré, where we thought the haute couture event was being held. The French cab was happy driving around and have his meter jump up. The drivers finally let us check our email for the invitations and we headed to the Cercle de L’Union Interalliée, but Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré!

   And one thing about the French taxi, once it drops you, the driver will always tell you, “The place is behind” (even though it could have very well stopped right at the door). Time after time, I started noticing that it was very intentional. They want to add a few “centimes” to the meter fare. How inconvenient if you have to walk or cross the street with high heels!

   I watched the models rehearse for the show and the wall of photographers on the opposite side. By the time I was done with the hair and makeup upstairs, the runway was very well surrounded with a stylish and well-dressed crowd. The collection was interesting in the cuts and choice of fabrics; I had a crush on a couple of dresses that you can see below. 

The cut is just super sexy and avant-gardiste!

   The haute couture show was concluded and celebrated with an after-party at VIP room in Rue de Rivoli. I went to my friends’ hotel to hang out a little more as we are used to stay up very late in Lebanon. On my way back to the Best Western, I was impressed again by the Tour Eiffel. Typical Parisian night!

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