Sunday, February 8, 2015

Project Paris

"Why did you start a blog?" That is one of the most recurrent questions I got during the most recent interviews. I have to tell you that it is not because everyone has a blog that I am doing that. Not at all. Not even a tiny bit. Besides, blogging wasn't already big in Lebanon back when I started.
I was in my teenage years and fond of fashion. I collected the Teen Vogue issues as soon as it launched. My younger sister used to read the well-established blogs when they were still in their early rise in the US or in France. I could better identify myself as a blogger than a reader. And I thought that it could be a extensive portfolio about my interest and knowledge in the fashion industry. Honestly, I thought I could include it in my CV and receive job opportunities if everything goes well.
I'm a big dreamer. So I dreamt about attending the fashion weeks and working in fashion marketing... I got there, or at least, almost.
My trip to Paris wasn't planned that much in advance. At first, I was only stopping in Paris back from NYC and on my way to Beirut. Then I made some change of plans and I decided to attend the haute couture show of a very talented and a dear designer friend, Bilal Barrage. (I will post about the show soon)
I arrived in Paris a Sunday morning and check-in at my hotel room was late for 2pm. I got annoyed to see everything closed, which I wasn't used to it in Lebanon and even in NYC. I was hungry so I walked down Rue Rivoli, which is at the crossroad of Rue du Pont-neuf where I stayed at the Best Western Hotel. I had a brunch at a random café called "Le Café de la Comedie" near Le Louvre museum because it had "la wee-fee" wifi. It didn't work out though and I asked the waiter  for help, he replied with something I still can't get over with, he said, "I can't do anything for you. I'm not a technician, I'm just a waiter". I hated that place, even if there are a lot of places in Paris please make sure you don't run into this one! I had a tasty quiche lorraine and a jus d'orange frais but it wasn't about the food, the service was shitty. The owner of the place was shouting all the time and she did not contribute to a good atmosphere at all. 
 I had to check my phone so I got back to the hotel from Rue Saint-Honoré and stayed at the Lobby until I checked in. 
I was so excited for the Haute Couture show later that night! 

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