Saturday, February 28, 2015

Strolling Around in Paris

   I was happy in Paris because it wasn’t as cold as in NYC; besides I was even happier because I escaped the terrible storm in Manhattan end of January and I arrived in Paris just in time when the weather went okay again. I could actually wear nice clothes without freezing instead of wearing whatever you need just to stay warm—pajama mood.
   After my lunch at L’Avenue, there was less than an hour left until the boutiques close down for the day. Rana and I went to Christian Louboutin and we actually waited in the queue outside. We were the last ones to be admitted in. A woman arrived just after us and she was not let in, there would not be enough time to serve her. She got mad and started begging them saying she came because they sent her for a shoe size that wasn’t available in Les Champs and she knew what she wanted. “You don’t pity me?, she said, I’m a pregnant woman!” You have no idea how much I hate the women who victimizes themselves because they are pregnant. That’s not what ladies do and that's not a woman. She was eating a cupcake wrapped around with foil paper, speaking loud and was not polite enough. If anything, she didn’t help her case; she didn’t get in. 

   I was wearing a knit from GS stores (Lebanon), black suede pants from Zara, a hairy knit jacket from Babel Fair (NYC), Nike Airmax, with a Missoni M knit scarf, and a grey bejeweled beanie from Club Monaco (NYC). I was holding the Marcie Mini ChloĆ© bag. 




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