Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Winter through to Spring

If you’re still confused about the weather in Lebanon that’s getting warmer—I mean when I drive to Beirut every morning with the closed windows and the strong sun rays hitting on (and heating) the car, I could literally just wear a swimsuit. Exit the car, I get a cold shiver if I’m not wearing my cardigan. Go to class and it’s too hot there. If I leave home at night, by the time the valet gets me the car, I just can’t wait to get in the car to warm up. I came to a halfway solution when I want to go out and look good—wear long sleeves and don't cover your legs.

I love it when long shirts are interpreted to be worn as dresses. But don’t worry, in this picture, I’m wearing black shorts underneath to avoid embarrassing accidents. This kind of style actually reminds me of Serena in the Gossip Girl series when she’s wearing that beautiful blue shirt for men and eating strawberries and cream in the kitchen with Nate— and must I mention while they’re making out? I used to enjoy watching this series but I later got deceived by its unrealistic and somewhat twisted ending. 

 I added the perfect finishing touches to this outfit with a statement jewellery piece. I've said before that my favorite way to brighten an outfit is to amp up the jewels. In this case, I paired up the mustard shirt with a similar honey-toned crystal and zircon ring. The doc martens suit the outfit with the mustard yellow color of the shirt and the shoes' yellow thread.  And besides the color, the docs gives a street style edge to the rather preppy sleeves and collar of the shirt. 

 Wearing: Shirt from Scarlet Beirut, Rubber Doc Martens, Topshop choker, Gucci watch, ring by Zeta, Zeina Tahan. Hair by Scarlet Beirut and Make Up by Beauty by Crisma. Location: Cle, Hamra.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Salmon and Cream Appetizers

   This recipe is one of my favorite appetizers because it is just very easy to get done when you are inviting some friends to come over last minute. Also it is a good idea because salmon is not a risky choice; in fact it usually works for everyone! You can substitute the cream with cream cheese such as Philadelphia if you like it more! (Without adding the lemon juice though)
For about 9 or 10 appetizers you will need,

200g smoked salmon
9 or 10 appetizers bread or toast
20 cl cream
2tbsp lemon juice + lemon zest for decoration
1 tbsp capers
Parsley leaves (for decoration)
1 tbsp dried aneth or dill
¼ tsp of ground pepper
1 pinch of salt

Beat the cream with a fork for a while. Add the lemon juice, which will help the cream to thicken faster. Continue whipping until the cream reaches soft peaks
Add to it the salt, the pepper, and the dill. Mix well.
Get the smoked salmon and cut it very thinly if not done before.
Roll the long pieces of salmon like a flower.
Setting up
Spread the cream on the bread bites, top it with the salmon, and decorate with caper, a parsley leaf, and swirls of lemon zest.
Ready to taste?! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Everything equals nothing. 
As much as I never wanted to believe that, if you start making too many commitments that your time can handle, you end up doing nothing. 
Today, I have limited myself with a few projects I plan to stick to until completed. 
When less things are around, your focus is stronger as well as the efforts you put in have a more meaningful impact.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Stuck on a Feeling

Paris Ready-to-wear fashion week is happening right now at the moment I am speaking. There is nothing more inspiring and nostalgic than the street style fashion snap shots on my Instagram homepage from The Sartorialist or all the others bloggers I follow. AND MY FRIEND RIZO WHO JUST simply TOOK A RIDE FROM SWITZERLAND TO ENJOY THE WEEK IN PARIS—Of course if it’s about Paris, I am jalouse. I would miss these mornings sitting in a cafĂ© and then later take a stroll in Les Champs or Rue du Faubourg-Saint-HonorĂ©. Have lunch in a fancy restaurant and maybe end the night in Queens Club.
These pictures were taken as part of the photoshoot for my feature in Umagazine. The outfit makes me nostalgic about this city. The sweater is from Scarlet Concept store in Ashrafieh, the leather shorts I’m wearing are from List, the Doc martens are in rubber, and I’m wearing jewellery by Zeina Tahan.