Sunday, April 12, 2015

Damn Kitty (Updated)

   Alright so I've got to tell you about my grandma's cat! We have a couple of gardens for our house and as if it's a law of nature, where there is greenery there is cats. From the time I was a kid, I always see cats prowling around the house and often hiding under the cars. Recently, with my grandma living alone in her apartment, the age, and the boredom, she has started considering those cats she never thought about before. Cute new born kittens were found in our parking in December and we decided to feed them because this year's winter was colder than last year's (and the kittens were too cute to be denied anyway). They disappeared for a while and then came back when they grew up after a couple of months. We found out that my grandma has picked one favorite and has been feeding it every day with the same food she eats herself every day. And believe me it’s not always Picon cheese spread, but this kitty has the luxury to eat sometimes the leftovers of fish, chicken, and prawn meals. Now, it ended up developing fine taste buds and she would sometimes refuse my grandma’s food if it’s not to her liking. Of course, my grandma does not want to admit that she cares for the kitty—she always nags about it but she’s in fact madly in love with this small black and white creature with a mustache à la Charlie Chaplin.
Now the kitty is mature enough to go on adventures on her own. Once she left for a couple of days, my grandma got depressed for a week, she started imagining all the case scenarios possible for how she did not make her way back “home”—maybe a car ran over the kitty or it got lost somewhere.

My grandma had let the door open for the kitty to come and enjoy her meal of the afternoon. After she was done, the kitty sneaked inside the house and stayed there. My grandma lost it and it wasn't until the next morning that she finds her out in her closet. The kitty had given birth to three kittens over the night! Imagine the face my grandma pulled when she saw them all four in her closet!

   In order to manage between the little cold and the burning sunrays, I wore a Tshirt and a checked shirt with a woolen cardigan tiedon my waist, just in case for the night, as I was expecting it to get colder during the day after the sun sets.
I was wearing an H&M t-shirt and Cardigan, Isabel Marant red waxed leather pants, The Vintage Twin checked sweater, my Prada denim slip-on sneakers, and my Fendi tote that I’m holding again.

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