Saturday, March 14, 2015

Salmon and Cream Appetizers

   This recipe is one of my favorite appetizers because it is just very easy to get done when you are inviting some friends to come over last minute. Also it is a good idea because salmon is not a risky choice; in fact it usually works for everyone! You can substitute the cream with cream cheese such as Philadelphia if you like it more! (Without adding the lemon juice though)
For about 9 or 10 appetizers you will need,

200g smoked salmon
9 or 10 appetizers bread or toast
20 cl cream
2tbsp lemon juice + lemon zest for decoration
1 tbsp capers
Parsley leaves (for decoration)
1 tbsp dried aneth or dill
¼ tsp of ground pepper
1 pinch of salt

Beat the cream with a fork for a while. Add the lemon juice, which will help the cream to thicken faster. Continue whipping until the cream reaches soft peaks
Add to it the salt, the pepper, and the dill. Mix well.
Get the smoked salmon and cut it very thinly if not done before.
Roll the long pieces of salmon like a flower.
Setting up
Spread the cream on the bread bites, top it with the salmon, and decorate with caper, a parsley leaf, and swirls of lemon zest.
Ready to taste?! 

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