Saturday, March 7, 2015

Stuck on a Feeling

Paris Ready-to-wear fashion week is happening right now at the moment I am speaking. There is nothing more inspiring and nostalgic than the street style fashion snap shots on my Instagram homepage from The Sartorialist or all the others bloggers I follow. AND MY FRIEND RIZO WHO JUST simply TOOK A RIDE FROM SWITZERLAND TO ENJOY THE WEEK IN PARIS—Of course if it’s about Paris, I am jalouse. I would miss these mornings sitting in a cafĂ© and then later take a stroll in Les Champs or Rue du Faubourg-Saint-HonorĂ©. Have lunch in a fancy restaurant and maybe end the night in Queens Club.
These pictures were taken as part of the photoshoot for my feature in Umagazine. The outfit makes me nostalgic about this city. The sweater is from Scarlet Concept store in Ashrafieh, the leather shorts I’m wearing are from List, the Doc martens are in rubber, and I’m wearing jewellery by Zeina Tahan.

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