Sunday, April 12, 2015

Adventurous Sunday in Brooklyn, NYC Diary (updated)

I think that this would be by far the Sunday when I was the most terrified.
I’ve heard that it is cool to hang out in Williamsburg at night. So I decided to book a table at a nice restaurant, which for God’s sake I don’t know why I have thought that it was a hotel too, when I was still in Lebanon—the restaurant, Hudson and Delaware, fine dining.
So I planned a Sunday getaway to Brooklyn with my sister, and it actually fell on the right timing when we were in New York, our Lebanese friends wanted to hang out there too that day.
If I remember well, I think the problem was that we hadn’t woken up early or that we told our friends we will meet them in Downtown Brooklyn. So we took the subway not really sure of where to stop and we actually went too far away. My sister and I freaked out and remembered what our friends have told us about the ghetto, not really the place to hang out at night.
When we were finally somewhere in Brooklyn, we decided to have a walk and I was so glad that we saw Doughnut Plant on our way. We stopped by to have my second breakfast of the day, after the one I had at the hotel. There was no way I was going to miss on those donuts, I have seen them and lusted over them on Instagram already. I decided to have a cup of hot chocolate with homemade marshmallow along with two small donuts, one filled with pistachio cream and the other one with crème brulée—it was just HEAVEN. We continued our walk and decided to join our friends after they have lunch in downtown Brooklyn and we thought that we could visit the Botanical Garden meanwhile. Naked trees that’s what we saw, the snow had covered the gardens and it was nothing my mind has imagined, even dreamed of seeing—a landscape of vibrant colors. Of course, I had forgotten it was winter and I was in New York City. We walked until we reached two domes. We entered, and yes it was finally beautiful greenery waiting for us. We saw different species of Bonsai trees, walked around different climate rooms and explored the beautiful and particular flora in each, and enjoyed breathing a truly clean, scented, and purified air. But it took so long to finish with it and by the time my sister and I had visited everything, I believe my friends were leaving Brooklyn Bridge. We headed down to Brooklyn Bridge after a couple of subway stops and walking around. We walked halfway through the bridge and I wished I was riding a bicycle.
When we went back, we had no idea what to do. Dinner was scheduled at 9pm and it was maybe 5 to 6pm.
I was so hungry so we stopped by Shake Shack and that was it, the only time I have tried it in the US. I took a chance and ordered the smoke shack to change from my routine order of double-patty-double cheese shack burger. Besides, I wanted to keep room for dinner. My sister and I shared fries. I was recharging my phone to be able to connect.
We went down to Williamsburg, and it was pretty far from Brooklyn bridge, not a thing that I expected—still used to little Lebanon. When we finally reached Williamsburg (after about 40 mins in the subway) it was super dark—I think my sister really hated me at that moment. We were walking the streets and I was so frustrated to have brought my sister there. No one is on the streets—not just like 5th avenue in Manhattan, tourists and lights always.
We ended finding our way near Hudson and Delaware, yet we had about more than an hour to kill before the time of our reservation.
The streets near the restaurant seemed to be kind of SoHo... We walked around the neighborhood, and luckily, there was two shops still opened past this hour, a vintage shop Amarcord and a retail boutique Babel Fair. I could finally stripp off the vintage shopping experience from my bucket list. I ended up buying a really beautiful nude pink chemise, Monet earrings, and a very retro bangle. I bought a cool fuzzy knit jacket and the cat-eye sunglasses I always have on. 

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