Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Style Inspiration: The Sister

My sister Nella and I have pretty much different personalities. We disagree a lot, at the misfortune of my mom--who hates it when we have a simple argument and always dramatizes because she wishes she had a sister.
But it's funny you know how people say we look so alike and talk the same say.
For example, when she entered AUB (the American University of Beirut, where we both go) this academic year in fall, people would confuse her as me before paying real attention to the face.
My sister didn't guess at first why random people were saying hi but someone later told her something like, "OMG you look like someone I know in Business major", which actually turns out to be me. 
However my sister and I both acknowledge that we talk the same way. And it's exactly the same voice over the phone. It's scary, really. If I call mom from my sister's line... She would think it's her.
Nella and I used to play a trick on guys when we were still in high school. If a guy called me, I would hand the phone to my sister and let her talk. Yes, it was definitely a lot of laughs and fun!

Besides a style inspiration, I admire my sister for her persistence and hardwork. That girl is not a bit lazy or late when it comes to getting the job done. She has 4 more long years studying architecture, but I am sure there is only light at the end of the tunnel and she will live a successful life! May God protect my girl.

The pictures below were taken on a lively street in Beirut, Mar Mikhael.
She is wearing a Topshop dress, Alexander Wang for H&M (for Men) jacket, Pharell Williams red Superstar Adidas sneakers, and gem embroidered Stella McCartney bag.
On her hands, she is wearing earrings from Urban Outfitters, H&M kids "Happy" hair tie, and Vanina 3 rings set "Madly, Deeply, Truly". 

Turning my back to me, she's not posing, this girl is anti-social media! But you've got to admit she's got style! (I'm going to pass on the lame line that it runs in the family)

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