Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Café La Favorite, Le Marais Paris

If you follow me on Instagram (@ak_elsa), you would know that I am in Paris since Monday morning! I came for a conference at Cabaret Sauvage about the sharing economy that extends on three days starting today and until Friday. I took this trip to my advantage and decided to spend the week in Paris. I spent the afternoon shopping on Monday and tried to rush as much as possible because most boutiques close down at 6pm, 7:30 or 8pm at most. (Unlike Lebanon which most stay open until 9 or 10pm) I skipped lunch for that reason and promised myself to have a worthwhile dinner. But it was only by pure coincidence that I ended up going to La Favorite, a renowned café that is at a walkable distance from le BHV Marais or Adidas Originals where I went last. La Favorite serves brunch, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also has a happy hour in the late afternoon although I am not sure around at what time it is precisely. La Favorite is at the cross section of Rue Rivoli and Rue Malher at the 4eme arrondissement. It is located in a historical area close to La Bastille if you are visiting and Centre Pompidou. You can also enjoy sitting on the terrace facing the church of St. Paul and St. Louis like the typical individualistic Parisian would, (and I did).
To be honest, I did check the review from the google map just to make sure the place was okay before I sit there. I ordered the Madame Burger, an icon with an egg, a juicy patty cooked à point, and a crispy bacon along with its own tartare sauce and Arugula or Rocket leaves. The fries that came with it were amazing too; and believe me, it is coming from a French fries addict.
The prices are slightly higher than the average café but I thought the burger was worse its 19.50 euros.
I would definitely recommend this restaurant for you. If you happen to pass by during the day, grab an ice cream at Amarino (before it closes at 8pm) and visit la Place des Vosges and its nice garden.

The Madame Burger I had ordered.

Church of St. Paul and St. Louis.

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