Thursday, May 28, 2015

When I met the Hermes Scarf Designer

When I met the Hermes Scarf Designer, I was on my way back to the hotel from le Parc de la Villette and I took the metro with a new Brazilian friend (with Lebanese origins) I met at Ouishare. We accessed the metro line with our ticket and I ripped off mine because I figured that I wouldn’t use it anymore. I was discussing with my friend my point of view about Capitalism and its progress in France, after listening to the political talks at the conference, as well as its impact on Lebanon, having read myself a couple of books from educated Arab emigrants who travelled to the western countries in that mandatory Arabic course that turned out quite interesting!
The controller of the metro must have been hearing our conversation going on in English and picked up that we are not her regular kind of French residents. She smelled the golden needle in the haystack of the crowd. She decided to check our tickets and only ours, in fact. Except that I didn’t have mine anymore, it was torn down into a billion pieces and thrown away in the rubbish bin. I gave her one I haven’t used already and my luck sucked because I actually didn’t know at all about this control and I really didn’t cheat. She ended up imposing me a fine of 33 Euros. I could not argue because she would have sent the fine at the embassy both way and that was going to be too complicated to deal with later on so I paid on the spot.
She went off the metro on the next stop, rushing like a thief, and I was just waiting that moment to sputter an insult, hey I’m not pretending to be an angel on my page! An Asian woman approached me and told me she saw me coming in with the ticket and ripping it off. A Déjà vu for this Korean in her late thirties, she told me that the exact same thing had happened to her when she first came to Paris for her studies.
My metro ride was soon coming to an end and I really wanted to tell her that her scarf is beautiful! I usually like to compliment people on their outfits often because I think that it actually feels good to have someone tell you too—and women do spend a lot of time getting ready and I feel it should be recognized!
“Thank you, it’s my work…” and after stopping a while with a pinch of a hesitation, she followed, “at Hermes”.  My friend who was quick to understand repeated so I could in turn understand, “Wow! At Hermes?” Well, she ended up being the particular needle in the haystack. I said, “You mean that I can actually buy this very scarf you are wearing at Hermes?”, “Yes!” she replied with a smile.
I told her that I write a lifestyle blog and I managed to take a picture with her before the metro reaches my final stop. I look tired on this picture but it doesn’t matter because it has a bigger value to me.
I went off the train in an utterly different mood than the one I would have gone with after paying the fine. This ought to be the most fashionable coincidence ever, right? That woman definitely made my day, cheers to all designers and artisans and their divine work!  

I was wearing a printed crepe pants and white trois-quarts top from Zara, Ralph Lauren navy blue sweatshirt, and cracked leather Stan Smith. 

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What a lovely read, Elsa! x