Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Toni Breiss 10 years Celebration Gala, Chateau Rweiss

   I got to wear my second gala dress this summer only a couple of few days after my first occasion, which was about my business school’s senior graduation gala. But it is not until I am done with my courses this summer that I would be able to say I am finally a free person. For that reason, I will keep this post until later this summer—one thing you should know though, I wore a SS15 new collection Versace gown and there are some spoilers on my Instagram too, @ak_elsa. What you would have to wait for though is the funny story and my mom’s reaction of unbelief that followed. 

   On the occasion of Level by Toni Breiss 10 years celebration gala at Chateau Rweiss, I also wore a SS15 Versace long black evening gown that I paired up with black pointed Saint Laurent spiked high heels and Fendi red leather purse. My night outfit needed to live up to Toni’s extensive portfolio of multi-millionaire budget weddings whose business has offices in Paris, Beirut, and Riyadh.

   The menu was catered by Fleur de Lys and started with a duo of salmon sashimi, chives and ginger crust, with a Jumbo shrimp scented with lime and served with an exotic summer salad. The hot meal was a generous piece of veal tenderloin cooked at medium doneness with Provencal potatoes, oyster mushrooms, French beans, carrots and vanilla sauce. An assortment of cheese followed with dry fruits, walnuts, and almonds, honey scented with star anise. As for the dessert, it was a chocolate hazelnut pave with orange sorbet and passion fruit sauce. 

   I enjoyed my night with several shows by Anthony Bassoulou, Lamise Drubi, 8eme Art and Said Mrad. Yet, my favorite moment was when I was offered a white rose twice during the evening by a tall elf dressed in a long white dress and wearing a mask like she had just escape from a fairytale. We were also all offered to smoke a cigar from a big wooden trunk which I thought was right on point for the evening.
   Last but not least, the decoration signé Toni Breiss was just mind blowing, as you can see in the pictures, besides the idyllic gala venue of Chateau Rweiss.
I look up to Toni Breiss’s hard work and I wish him another 10 years of beautiful and more accomplished career in events and wedding planning. 

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