Friday, July 3, 2015

Don't Throw Back the Lemon, Make a Lemonade!

Oh well, Summer school. Three courses, 15 credits maximum limit. Not so happy about it, but I should start thinking differently about it to attract positive vibes and do better on my exams! Fact is, I am studying! But my unconscious is playing some tricks on me... How "no words for it"  is it to find out that your grade on a quiz lost some points after some adjustments done by the teacher... Internal problem, he said by email. Weird, the teacher was actually planning to make a raise on all grades...
One day after the exam, I was walking out of the class and I was chatting with one of my classmates... He confessed that  he made the teacher change the grades. He was able to convince the latter to turn some of his mistakes as the correct answer. Someone in class dropped from the 50s to somewhere in the high 30s. And with all of that, the average grade of the quiz jumped up.
When he told me all of that, I went nuts. 
Mother flower. 
Son of a binana. 
He felt sorry for me and tried to console me. I managed to turn out my "displeasure" in a valuable way. I decided myself that he will pay off with a favor. It's really so hard to find someone I know on campus to snap pictures of my outfit so I can blog about later! Don't they say, when life throws at you a lemon, make a lemonade! He didn't mind taking pictures at all. And he Almost ended up making my day. (I'll make up for my grade on the coming quiz!)
But when I think about it, I can slightly still get mad.
Mother flower.

Here, I am wearing True Religion jeans, top from forever21, striped jacket from The Vintage Twin (bought at Bloomingdales NYC, if you ask, but can be found online), and nude Tropeziennes sandals.

A big finance book inside that bag! 

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Paul Saghbini said...

Well, I think he deserves all the punishment you put him through ;).. Now you mentioned many technical words that I got lost with :p but what i know is that you look beautiful ;)..