Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Birthday Face at Tannourine, Balaa falls

My childhood friend's birthday Mia came right on time when the weather on the Lebanese coast has become way too humid to be bearable. She must have thought, there is nothing better than a mountain getaway chez moi and a big BBQ with all my friends to celebrate my birthday. I believe she was definitely right. I slept over in her little castle-like Maison in Tannourine in the northern part of Lebanon along with my two other favorite girls the eve of her big day. We enjoyed preparing all the setting, food, and decoration until everyone came the next morning. It was super nice to finally see everyone reunited in Summer, when everyone is usually taking a break, interning, or traveling.

On that occasion, I was wearing a Current Elliot Strawberry printed shorts ( I love strawberries, obviously), a Maje large Tshirt that is ripped on the sides, Céline red crocodile leather slip-on sneakers, and an Hermès silver and white belt. I just nabbed my mom's hat, so I have no idea where she got them from and those incredibly fun purple/ transparent Ray Bans are knock-offs I bought from Century21 when I was back in New York. I'm wearing a Gucci watch and a Swarovski necklace (that one I officially stole from my Lovely Super Stylish Mom, you know in case she reads that!) 

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