Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Blogger “Une Libanaise à Paris” à Beirut

   It was a pleasure meeting again Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco, founder and author behind the blog Une Libanaise a Paris (ULAP, for short) during her short stay in Beirut last weekend. Readers, friends, and family gathered at Le Gray hotel in Beirut to meet her at Indigo on the Roof, Le Gray’s posh rooftop terrace with an infinity pool. The event was curated by Le Gray, of course, The Agenda Beirut, and Swarovski.
During the evening, Samar answered questions and told her story for the ones who did not know more about her personal life, (I have written a previous post about it here). She spoke about her background and her encounter with Karl Lagerfeld and the interview that followed. Yet, what interested me the most was the fashion blogger’s previous career in journalism in economy and politics topics and her previous job at France 24 TV station. I was wondering what has happened to that… so I asked her and she said, “My blog has taken up much of my time—and there I was thinking, please don’t say you stopped—but I still do, I write for An-Nahar—**relief**. 

  Lately, I was noticing bloggers are just like advertising banners and it’s awful. I would never want to put all my efforts and hard work just to be a show-off banner. It’s not enough, personally, I need to contribute in something and give true value. I have a passion for fashion and food but I have higher aspirations. You don’t have to be an airhead to be a blogger.  

   For this occasion, I was wearing a Sinequanone denim dress, Ash leather fringed chunky heels, Saint Laurent Paris leather fringed bag, and Swarovski necklace. 

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