Monday, August 3, 2015

Creative Beings

Creativity can spark at any moment.
For me, it would mostly be coming up with new ideas for recipes and creating outfits.
For my friend Karma, it was designing her own jewelry out of stainless steel rounds she took from her engineer Dad.
As creative beings, we like to make things. There are countless activities we could express ourselves with; cooking, sewing, writing, and jewelry design are just a few of them. I think there is no better feeling than putting your heart into creating something and the feeling of self-accomplishment that follows—no matter how small your creation is, it is significant.
Karma’s passion of creating accessories for her dolls became gradually a hobby and even a part-time job when she started creating accessories for her friends and to some clients spread all over the world. You can check out her brand, Rue Des Demoiselles (RDD), on the Facebook page or through Instagram for more of her statement necklaces and earrings or her colorful hippie bracelets. 

 Everything Karma makes is made up of stainless steel rounds. I bought my RDD earrings when she hosted an open house party for the launch of her Spring-Summer collection.  But she already knew that I wanted those earrings specifically. I just got obsessed by watching her wearing them often to college! And there’s just something about those stainless steel rounds, something "badass" and bold.

I’m wearing a leather effect shirt with a Chinese collar and striped tight skirt from Scarlet Beirut. I have bought most of the accessories I’m wearing during a summer trip to Bodrum, Turkey. But of course, I’m wearing the RDD earrings! I based my outfit on darker colors to be able to wear this daytime to nighttime.

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