Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Faraya, Eid El Sayde 2015

   Over the years, it has become a tradition for my family, my friends, and I, to spend the holidays week of Eid el Sayde, the Solemnity of the Assumption on August 15, around Faqra and Faraya. Those two mountain villages would be so overcrowded that the cellular data network would disconnect most of the times.

   I love to hang out there during mid-August, and to be honest, I would do anything not to skip those celebrations, dress up like for a festival, and hang out with a trendy and sophisticated rather "Frenchie" troupe. Yet, this summer, a lot of people including my friends have decided to pass on the hassle of the crowd, the squeezed sleepovers in the chalets, the fun sleepless nights, and the quality time you can have with friends for days disconnected from the hustle bustle of the city, and the cool mountain breeze you could feel all along the day, a resting break from the heat and humidity of the shoreline cities—I thought they were crazy. Long story short, this year’s Eid el Sayde ended up way less crowded, that you could still manage to hang out with everyone there and use your phone with no problem. On the bright side, it was better for us who have made the trip, because we had less the hassle of the hassle and more the fun of the fun.

   This year’s exhibitions in Faraya outdone Faqra’s in term of fashion and accessories, but I thought that of Faqra almost surpassed Faraya in terms of food catering. 
Vanina has moved its past year’s stand in Faqra to a two stand allocation in Faraya, one for their new "Bar a Bijoux" concept, and another for clothes and already made accessories. I loved their new concept of the “Bar a Bijoux” and enjoyed making my own choker, I added a beautiful white flower made of Porcelain and a gold-plated E for my first name initial. 

Vanina's "Bar a Bijoux"

Snapchat: PrettyCap

   In Faraya, I enjoyed eating El Pimpi’s toast sandwiches (and specifically the Cheddar Bacon Jam toast) and a big fat Sushi Burrito. In Faqra, I enjoyed eating twice an amazing smoked salmon and avocado toasts from Meat the Fish and a low-cal lychee sorbet Popsicle with fruit bites.

   This is one of my outfits I wore on the eve of the celebrations of the 15th of August. I was wearing a BDG two tone denim shorts, black crop top from Topshop, Lace kaftan from H&M, Red Croco leather slip-on sneakers from Céline, and red tote bag from Goyard. 


A picture with my favorite #1 Word-of-mouth PrettyCap promoter friend Maroun (because it will make him happy!)

With my Best friend Nour; she's rocking a 70's look with Paisley wide-leg pants and a white crop top, (I'm not short, she is just super tall!).

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