Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Divvy, Mar Mikhael Beirut

Nested in the heart of the popular street of Mar Mikhael, Divvy is located a few steps away from the intersection of a downward perpendicular road right after Happy Prince. 

Divvy celebrated a succesful year since its launch a week ago with an annoucement I am looking forward to, the opening of a new branch in Dbayeh.
The restaurant concept is based on sharing fun moments while sharing food, be it with friends, family, or a special someone. In fact, Divvy focuses carefully on its customers experience, as soon as you sit, the waiter gives you a card where his favorite menu items are noted. 

The interior design of the place perfectly suits the mood for sharing, the dim lights provides a cozy and relaxing ambience. 

The things that you must absolutely not skip at Divvy are the appetizers. 
The Brie and Blueberry are my favorite and I am really craving them right now while I'm writing! I just love the hot and melted Brie cheese paired with the sweet taste of Blueberry.
The Tacos and Guacamole also taste good and I believe are great for sharingbetween a  group of friends or family members.
Finally, the Buffalo Chicken Tortilla are mildly hot. For those who don't like spicy food, those are okay!

As for the hot platters, I advise you to order the same number of platters in total as the number of people who are sharing if you want to feed yourself properly.
My favorite dish is the Mongolian chicken with its particular caramelized hoisin sauce and bean sprouts.
I also loved the Teriyaki Beef Skewers with a well-seasoned tender meat.
Nothing particular about the Beef Tacos, but those are great for sharing among up to 5 people.

My heart had skipped a beat already twice but I'm not sure if the dessert was the best part. Perhaps it was because of the initiative that for ever dessert order, one thousand Lebanese Lira is given to Himaya (Fighting Children abuse) NGO.
 And perhaps it was also because of  the Nutella Lava Fondant Cake that I ditched for an Oslo Ice Cream. It was quite filling and extremely delicious.
The Cheesecake tastes good but I'm not a fan generally speaking.

Divvy is definitely a top-rated restaurant in one of beirut's most quiet and serene spots during the day and loudest at night, either way it is perfect timing for lunch or dinner and you must try it asap if you havent already. Cheers!

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