Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Updated myself

[past 2 am. mood]

i still feel change is happening.

i still love this page, but i want it to be better eventually.

and i want it to be more adapted to the new me.

so i'm planning a new capricieuse with a rather business mind and a cooler blog in a couple of months.

i went to paris for a month (big deal, no, i still want to be in Lebanon even though paris lightens up my eyes) for a job training! (oh what a fool, you did not post about paris on your blog!) 

no no, i diid take lots of pictures,

and i have been to this like cazy restaurant on the rooftop of Centre Georges Pompidou that overlooks over all paris. i should share with you the pictures some time! Le Georges, that's the restaurant and so far my favorite in the world, i guess. You have Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower on one view. sick!

what about the outfits? no i didn't really ask people to capture me, felt like a hassle to ask.
But one of my favorite outfits was pairing up my black culotte from Zara with a trois-quart tweed-like shirt with silvery army socks and leather Nike running shoes.
i'm also quite happy of my over-the-knee Stuart Weitzman highland heels purchase.

i should train my new housekeeper (yes we all have housekeepers in Lebanon) to take pictures.

when i have the time...

right now I'm really focused on change.

But you can still check my instagram page @ak_elsa or @capricesdelsa which is updated really often.

If you want to see my face even more often, try Snapchat (I'm an addict). i guarantee you will have your dose of Elsa.

i will be back tomorrow maybe, when I meet up with my friend for dinner and he will make me feel bad for not blogging for such a long time.

i promise that work doesn't stop before 7-8pm in paris...
and then you've got a life or you just want to sleep.

i will catch up on you, 

Meanwhile, check out makesense.org I am currently developing the community in Lebanon and the Middle East region and encouraging social entrepreneurship.

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Andy said...

Fashion,food,and real-life experience posts from a working and active young woman are passionate to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on posting Prettycap....................................