Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throwback to a Chilled-Out Sunday


Okay well, that wasn't Palm Sunday. It was the Sunday prior Palm Sunday. My small cousins were not around and my mom pulled out a line like "no more kids around khalaas". What she exactly implied was: let's stay in pajamas all day, I don't want to bother myself. And that's exactly what we did, apparently big kids don't do candles on Palm Sunday. 

So I had a stroll on Mar Mikhael street, (realized my sister and I were wearing the same T-shirt in the elevator), lunched with my parents at Memory Lane, had some Ice Cream in the middle of a sunny Winter, met up with a friend, watched a movie, had some caramel popcorn after the movie etc.

You can have one of the best Avocado paste not-too-salty guacamole at Memory Lane. But I was really deceived by their vegetable lasagna, I didn't feel much of the pasta layers and it was not creamy, tasty enough.

On that day, I was wearing tshirt from Zadig & Voltaire, distressed blue denim pants from Zara, socks from Topshop, Iro jacket, cracked leather Stan Smith Adidas sneakers, and Proenza Schouler bag.

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