Monday, May 2, 2016

Matching Souls

- Oh you silly one! (chou mam7oune)
- Why? (I asked)
Mom looked at me, and could not believe her eyes I had actually raided her style and wore the same zebra-striped pants (we both have) with a similar blue T-shirt.

Earlier today, I went to a talk about wellness and health at the WHC (Wellness Health Clinics) in the Eye & Ear hospital in Naccache. Personally, I really think that the concept of wellness is all about good vibes.
It's not just about doing what you want to do and not compromising... It is sometimes doing things for others. I believe that this can feel good too! Putting a smile on someone's face is gold.
Yet, it is also choosing the right person you're doing it for, the people who have your back.
I've come across a lot of deceptions in my life, (so always keep yourself in the equation).
Before anyone else, you deserve your own attention, your own affection, so foster your own well-being!
Spend some time with yourself, and with those who make you happy.
Today, I spent quality time with mom, who was also wearing the same pants, follow me on Snapchat @prettycap for all my adventures!
We went on a shopping marathon, and then indulged in a dessert at Gilt before going to Go Personal, and then went to Junkyard's launching of Beer Garden for a relaxed night out!
They told us...
- What's up with you two?
- What's the story behind those zebra pants?
My mom and I crossed the whole city in a day like matching souls.

I was wearing Zara blue Tshirt, Giambattista Valli x 7 For All Mankind zebra striped jeans, Proenza Schouler bag & finally (both new collection & still in store) Iro Paris Blazer & Alexander Wang peep-toe boots.

My Mom wore the pants with a Sandro Tshirt, Celine blue suede bag and Fendi pointed heels.